Wildlife tour with a difference! The Celtic Deep is Wales' last wilderness and home to an array of spectacular wildlife from gigantic whales to majestic bluefin tuna



Swim with sharks! Snorkeling with blue sharks is one of the most rewarding  wildlife experiences the UK has to offer 



By joining us you're helping us provide a platform for research and a launch pad for marine conservationists

The Celtic Deep Experience

Our first trip out to the Celtic Deep was something that will stick with us. Heading out to sea early in the morning to explore our closest wilderness. The anticipation! Not knowing what might show up was exciting enough. To then enter the water and meet these creatures in their element, in the clear, deep waters 30 miles from the Welsh coast was something very special. That sense of adventure and exploration is something we are keen to keep at the heart of these expeditions. 


Celtic Deep Expeditions is run by conservationists. Our aim is to learn more about the spectacular wildlife that pass through our offshore waters, whilst giving you an opportunity to share encounters with iconic species like sharks, whales and the majestic bluefin tuna.

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